Dear Mariners,

Our MMA community’s commitment to COVID protocols has been exceptional, 威尼斯娱乐计划在2022年春季继续提供“面对面”课程作为威尼斯娱乐的主要教学模式(就像威尼斯娱乐在2021年秋季一样)。.  威尼斯娱乐正在履行2021年秋季和2022年春季完整的体育和学生活动时间表的承诺.  今年秋天,威尼斯娱乐有超过55名雇主来校园参加一年一度的招聘会. Despite the challenges of COVID, industry demand for MMA graduates remains high, 威尼斯娱乐预计在2022年夏季期间,除了计划在威尼斯娱乐的训练船上进行巡航外,还将为学员航运和合作社提供全面的安排, TSSOM and Bowdoin.

Thank you,
President William J. Brennan


请注意,2022年春季课程比平时提前两周开始, to accommodate a summer dry-dock period for the TSSOM.

The complete Spring 2022 Academic Calendar can be viewed on the Academic Calendar page.

Calendar Highlights

  • January 4 | Undergraduate Classes Begin
  • January 10 | End Add/Drop Period
  • Feburary 28 – March 4 | Spring Break/USCG Exams
  • April 15 | Last Day of Undergraduate Classes
  • April 18-21 | Final Exams
  • April 22 | Final Exam make-up
  • April 23 | Commencement / NROTC Commissioning
  • April 24 | TSSOM Cruise Begins
  • April 24 | First Cadet Shipping Period Begins


The Spring semester includes many traditions and celebrations, including Regimental Change of Command, Ring Ceremony, Student Life Awards Banquet, and of course Commencement. 虽然由于COVID-19病例率和疾病控制与预防中心的指导,威尼斯娱乐可能不得不对每一种都做出一些调整, we plan to hold these events in person in the spring.


While adhering to the most recent NCAA guidance, the Mariners are planning a regular winter/spring competition schedule, including conference and championship play.

有关威尼斯娱乐的球队和即将到来的赛季的更多信息,请访问 Mariner Athletics website.


COVID-19疫苗仍然是威尼斯娱乐在社区抗击病毒的最有力工具. 控制MMA的感染率是威尼斯娱乐唯一的机会,威尼斯娱乐都希望有这样一个学期,威尼斯娱乐可以在一起, honor beloved traditions in person, take advantage of MMA’s unique hands-on learning opportunities, and enjoy a bright and vibrant campus community.

威尼斯官方网站去年秋天宣布要求学生接种COVID-19疫苗. 这意味着所有学生在上课前必须完全接种疫苗. 所有休学后重返MMA的学生和所有新生, reporting for the first time to MMA, must show proof of vaccination prior to or on check-in day.

Consistent with Maine state law regarding other required vaccinations, medical exemptions, provided by a treating physician, must be presented to and evaluated by, MMA’s Health Services, well in advance of enrollment. For more information, please contact Tammy Tyler at 207-326-2295.

Following CDC guidance, we recommend boosters for those who are eligible. Those who received the J & J shot more than two months ago are eligible, 5个多月前接受辉瑞或Moderna系列药物的患者也是如此. MMA将在春季学期与北极光医疗保健共同赞助几个助推器诊所.

大多数人都可以在沃尔玛或药店预约, 但请联系你的初级保健医生或MMA健康服务部门,寻求帮助,寻找加强诊所.

接种了疫苗并有资格接种加强剂但尚未接种的学生,如果被确定为阳性病例的密切接触者,现在将被要求隔离5天. 这些学生还需要在春季学期参加定期监测测试.


If you are interested in an education at Maine Maritime Academy, we encourage you to visit Castine, meet an admissions counselor, and tour our beautiful seaside campus! We are pleased to offer campus visits through our Admissions office.

Choose a day and time to schedule a visit, or contact our Admissions team at 207-326-2207 or


随着缅因州COVID-19疫情的不断发展,MMA的公共卫生协议可能会发生变化. 根据美国疾病控制与预防中心的最新指南,目前建议在室内佩戴口罩,但不是必需的. However, 从隔离状态返回或接触过阳性病例的个人必须继续遵循以下CDC屏蔽指南.

Due to the higher transmissibility of the Omicron variant, all students, including those who are fully vaccinated, should have a plan for isolation or quarantine housing off-campus. 校内隔离房是为接种充分疫苗、因距离远而无法回家的寄宿生保留的.

请注意,与MMA的健康和安全协议有关的决定取决于该州的病例量,并与缅因州疾病预防控制中心和威尼斯娱乐的合作伙伴北极光健康协商制定. 屏蔽要求可能会发生变化,并可能随着时间的推移而迅速演变.

Updated CDC Isolation and Quarantine Guidelines

If You Test Positive for COVID-19 (Isolate)

Please complete Positive COVID-19 Test Reporting Form

Everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

  • Stay home for 5 days.
  • 如果你没有任何症状或症状在5天后缓解,你可以离开你的房子.
  • Continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days. This means eating by yourself and wearing a mask around your roommate(s).

If you have a fever, continue to stay home until your fever resolves.

If You Were Exposed to Someone with COVID-19 (Quarantine)

If you:

Have been boosted
Completed the primary series of J&J vaccine within the last 2 months

  • Wear a mask around others for 10 days.
  • Test on day 5

If you develop symptoms get a test and stay home.

If you:

Completed the primary series of J&J over 2 months ago and are not boosted
Are unvaccinated

  • Stay home for 5 days. After that continue to wear a mask around others for 5 additional days.
  • Test on day 5.

If you develop symptoms get a test and stay home.

Maine Maritime Academy COVID-19 Dashboard

2022 Spring Semester Test Results

Updated: 4/22/2022

Total Known Active Cases*

Campus Community Vaccination Rates



For Spring 2022, our primary testing method is the rapid antigen test. The dashboard will be updated as new data becomes available. The positivity rate is the percentage of total tests that are positive.


*Total Known Active Cases count, 结合缅因州疾病预防控制中心确认的报告给MMA的其他阳性检测结果. For comprehensive regional data, please visit please visit the Maine CDC’s coronavirus dashboard.


With the start of the semester fast approaching, 威尼斯娱乐知道你可能对在卡斯廷的生活有很多疑问,以及如何为生活做准备. Please review the following information carefully and reach out as needed. We are dedicated to your health, safety, and success this spring.

任何出现症状的学生都应在家或在健康中心进行检测.  任何被确定为阳性病例密切接触者的学生将根据目前CDC的指导在卫生中心进行检测.

In response to updated mask guidance from the CDC, indoor masking is recommended but not required at this time, 隔离归来者和接触过阳性病例者除外.

如果你在一周内在校园里,请访问卫生服务讨论您的症状. Health Services may determine that your symptoms warrant a rapid test, and if so, they will perform that test at that time. If you are away from campus or if it is the weekend, 请前往当地的紧急护理机构或在当地药店进行快速检测. Please contact Elizabeth True or Deidra Davis, immediately, 如果你在校外检测点或药店检测呈阳性,可以通过电子邮件通知. You may want to have a few at-home antigen test kits with you.

学院目前正在探索各种选择,并讨论允许非mma学生入住住宅楼的可能性. We will keep residential students informed as decisions are made and, if MMA does permit outside visitors, what that might look like moving forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

海军军官候补生团的学生将于周二上午0710点报到, January 4th, in the Field House.

威尼斯娱乐期待着你的到来,威尼斯娱乐的教职员工已经准备好回答你可能有任何其他问题! 请注意,电子邮件是目前首选的沟通方式.